Thursday, April 23, 2009


Eva Linnae Jackson was born April 15th at 2:48 am weighing in at 7lbs 6oz and 18.5 in long. She was exactly 1lb heavier than Ethan at birth and the exact same length.
I went into labor at 7:30 Tuesday night, although didn't realize it since I had been having contractions for about a month. At about 10:30 they went from mild and far apart to pretty uncomfortable and 3 min apart! We decided it was probably time to call the midwife and head to the hospital. We arrived a little before midnight (still kind of unsure if this was the real deal because I wasn't in much pain, until part of my water broke in the elevator). Labor was fast and intense since I had been 4cm dialated and completely effaced for a month. On arrival I was 5 cm and 100%. I got an epidural which only had time to dull the pain because I was already at 7cm. They broke the rest of my water and I dialated from 7-9 in 2 minutes! Then about 20 min later I was at 10cm. While this may sound fast, I met another woman in the hospital who had a 25 min labor! Now that's fast!

Little miss Eva was born three hours after arriving at the hospital, she wasn't messing around. She is such a sweet addition to our family. She is such a good baby, she's a great eater (I think she will eat us out of the house one day!) and a great sleeper as well giving me anywhere between 3 1/2 to 4 hours between feedings at night.

It really is much easier the second time around. Maybe because you're a more experienced mom and it's old hat. We feel so blessed by God and are so thankful that she arrived safely into the world.