Sunday, September 27, 2009

Devil Baby...OR...I Need A New Camera...

I'm not looking for an exorcism of my sweet baby girl, but I am in the market for a new camera. When pics of my sweet kiddos started looking more like 'Rosemary's Baby', I knew it was time.

My heart's desire is a D-SLR...sadly, that's not in the budget. Our dollars are steering us more towards a good point and shoot like this canon powershot. We've also been looking at a Panasonic which is a little more pricey. Both have received good reviews. BUT, I would love to get some reviews from you all! What is your camera of choice and why do you like/dislike it?! Come on, don't be shy! The pics I take of my kiddos now could scare off future suitors...hmmmmm...then again...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grande Skim Chai With A Shot Of Vanilla Please

Sometimes I swing by my local Friedrich's with the little miss on the days I go in to the office. I get the afore mentioned cup of heaven to go and Eva...well, she gets the ooh's and aah's from the regulars. We both leave with a little more bounce in our step.
I love this place. I imagine the employees are these hip struggling artists on the verge of being discovered (they certainly have the vibe). They are friendly and exude this cool laid back style.
Today, I got a lovely I stepped up to the counter and placed my order for my usual, forked over the $3.50 (I cringe in this economy) and stepped aside, I heard my order called, talk about fast! The Barista saw Eva and I approaching and got my order going! I can't decide which I love more...amazing customer service or the equally amazing chai in my cup. I'll take both please!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Bountiful Harvest

These pictures show just SOME of what we brought in from our garden. We've had a great harvest of green beans, zucchini, red bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and rhubarb, unfortunately
we weren't so great about taking pictures. We've been blanching, freezing, making sauce, bread, and salsa for our freezer. I am all cooked out! But, I'm going to miss going right out my back door to pick fresh vegetables for our lunch or dinner once fall is in full swing.
Brent is really the mastermind behind our garden! The guy is the garden whisperer or something...if he plants it, it will grow! Every evening he goes out and just when we think we've picked the last good produce, he comes in with a bag full!
He attributes all of his knowledge to his grandparents who were avid gardeners. They taught him about composting (before it was the 'green' thing to do) and using it as fertilizer. When Brent and I were dating/first married, I remember going to his grandparents house and seeing their huge garden. For years we were eating green beans his grandmother had canned. Now, it's kind of neat that Brent is carrying on that legacy with our family.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Andy and Opie

Look at my handsome boys! Doesn't this picture look like it came straight from the opening credits of the 'Andy Griffith Show' ?! My guys went fishing a few times over the Labor Day weekend...or rather daddy fished with both poles while Ethan ran around and came back in time to reel in his catch! They had a blast...we all did! We spent the three day weekend with my family at a resort in KC. We swam, fished, walked, played, sat around the camp fire and ate...A LOT! Ethan really bonded with his aunts and uncles and even learned a couple of new 'tricks'...more about THAT later.
Here is a picture of Ethan and Aunt Lanie peeking out of the loft in our cabin:

It was such a great time...can't wait to do it all over again!

She made it happen!

here are the little beauties in all their glory!
Remember THIS post about the "billy balls/billy buttons/craspedia"? Well, it turns out, my sweet friend Diedre in KC decided to make my day! She searched for a florist in KC who sold the little gems, had them packaged in poster tubes and sent them to me as a baby gift! How sweet is that? I am so thrilled and plan to trim them to various lengths and put them in an adorable vase in my bedroom for just the right punch of color! Thank you Diedre! You're the best!

Nappy, Nappy Nap time

What does nap time look like in your household? Pre-kiddos, mine was a couple hours of pure bliss tucked under a down comforter slipping into a dreamy sleep on a Sunday afternoon.

Now, it looks something like this: me walking a path between the two rooms popping the paci back in Little Miss's mouth and telling the Little Mr. to stop standing on the bed and that he is NOT Buzz Lightyear. 45 minutes pass...Little Miss must have phased out of REM because she is now fussing and the Little Mr. is still pretending to be Buzz...I pop paci back in and remind 'Buzz' that I'm about to send him to "infinity and beyond" if I catch him standing on his bed one more time. 30 minutes pass...Little Miss finally asleep and 'Buzz' is singing "This little light of mine" and counting to 30, there's a strange wall banging, which I discover is his feet tapping the wall; I decide to choose my battles. 10 minutes pass...Little Mr. is finally asleep, body half off the bed and feet perched against the wall. Little Miss, completely unswaddled, but definitely asleep.

Me...well, I'll be spending nap time doing laundry, cleaning up lunch, a little alone time reading HIS word and enjoying the peace and quiet...until the UPS man comes, the dog barks, or the phone rings...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

She's four months old! (and 3 weeks)

Okay, so I'm about three weeks late on this post...better late than never! Eva is just the sweetest little thing! She's smiley, sweet, brilliant (believe me, I CAN tell!) and just an all around happy baby! Here are some pics to show you what I mean! And, in another week or so, we'll celebrate the five month mark...I hope you're not holding your breath ;) Please excuse the blurriness of the photos...I think our camera is on the maybe we can get that digital SLR!

"You're the bestest friend in the whole world!"

These are the words my sweet boy has been telling me lately! Oh, how special it makes me feel! And to think I'm the only one who hears these special words....ummmmm, not quite. Come to find out he has many, "bestest friends in the whole world!" WHAT?! It turns out it's more of a generic, "I like you" kind of phrase he's been sharing with the sweet middle school sitter who came to watch him, the little neighbor boy, the sacker at the grocery store (yeah, I know!), teachers at church, our crazy neighbor across the street...ummm the pool of people is limitless! But, until he turns 16 when I will definitely NOT be viewed as his best friend in the whole wide world, I will relish these sweet words despite that I share this category with many, MANY people!