Monday, February 16, 2009

Why the Jackson 5?

So I have a friend who commented on my "Jackson 5" title...when she asked if I was "expecting twins" I realized quickly my title is a bit misleading.

To dispel a couple of questions: Yes I can count and realize there are actually only 3 people + 1 baby on the way. AND, person #5 is our English Mastiff Stella. Now, a lot of people wouldn't count their pet...but I have to say, Stella isn't just ANY pet...she is the most amazing, sweet, loving, beautiful dog in the whole world. So, therefore she makes family member #5! So, this entry is dedicated to Stella! We love our girl!

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Daphne/Jude said...

Haha! I'm so glad you explained this. I was debating on asking if you were expecting twins, but figured you would have posted that if you were. So then I just thought it was a play on words with the other "Jackson Five". How dare I not Stella! :-)

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!!