Monday, June 29, 2009

Pray in the truck mommy!

These were the convicting words spoken by my three year old on the way to church yesterday morning, but, like a dummy I didn't get it. Like most Sunday mornings, we rushed around to get ready, scarfed breakfast, clothed the kids, grabbed our stuff and ran out the door to make it to service before it started.

I must add that our attitudes were not the best either. I grumpily got in the car and began to use the visor mirror to apply my make-up when I heard the sweet voice from the backseat,

Ethan: "Pray in the truck mommy!"

Me: "What buddy?"

Ethan: "Pray in the truck!"

So, I'm sad to say that I said a rushed prayer to appease my son. It wasn't until after we ushered our children to their respective places and we sat down to listen to Pastor Mike that I got smacked in the head with conviction.

Mike's sermon was does your walk match your talk. YIKES! Here I was heading to church with a bad attitude, grumpy with my hubby and my son was telling me to get my heart right with God before I entered into HIS house for worship! My brilliant and observant 3 year old knew that my walk and talk were not matching up! I looked put together on the outside, but my heart wasn't in the right place for worshipping God. I had told my son so much about how wonderful it is to go to church to fellowship with other Christians, spend time worshipping Christ, and learn more about HIM...yet I certainly didn't seem eager to do so.

I spent the rest of the service with my heart on the floor, sad that I had missed a perfect opportunity to set an example for my son...letting him see that Jesus was my priority.

My goal: to not just go through the make sure that my "walk and talk" match-up. If my heart's desire is for my children to know Jesus...then shouldn't I treat Jesus as my heart's desire?

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