Monday, October 12, 2009

Story Time With Ethan

Potty time in our household is...storytime. Oh, come on! I know you do it too! Don't even tell me you don't sneak the paper in with you! :0
Anyway, We are proud that Ethan has carried on this special tradition as he potty trains 'Georgie' (his monkey). Ethan has decided that since he's now the in-house pro, it's time to turn teacher and pass his potty training knowledge along. Good Luck George! You can do it! AND...there's a special treat in it for you!

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Tiffany said...

My boys used to always have story time. While Payton sat on the pot, Gavin would come in and sit on the floor and every single time Payton would tell Gavin a story about a bear!! I can't wait for them to get older so I can remind them!!! LOL