Friday, January 15, 2010

You want funny? I got your funny...

The little Mr. is on a roll here lately with all his 'Ethanisms.' The little guy is providing continuous comic relief. Hear that Leno? I've got your new staff writer right here! Ethan can help freshen up your material that is sorely lacking...just sayin'. Oh, and if you want to put him behind the wheel for your little obstacle course, that will really help liven things up. I know...I'm his mom and half of these (okay, okay more than half) will only be appreciated by me.

So, without further ado...

1. "Mommy, mommy! My tooth fell out!" (slight freaking out on my part) "I'm just pullin' your legs."

2. "Mama, Jesus said He wants some cookies." Just to elaborate...Jesus also wanted candy canes a week ago and cake the other day. Poor Jesus is taking the rap for Ethan's sweet tooth. I wonder if this is how cults get started?

3. "My ice cream looks like a 'Po-Cano'." Referring to his ice-cream sunday looking like a VOLCANO.

4. "Is the Dr. going to look at my 'pencils'? " Referring to his TONSILS
5. Ethan: "Mama, can I pick my boogers?" Me: "No, buddy, that's gross." Ethan: "Too late."

6. "Uh, oh...I'm going to turn blue...I ate my toothpaste."

7. "Mama, Stella ate my breakfast." Me: "Did you feed it to her?" Ethan: "No, she ate it from my hand."

8. "Mama, I peed in the tub. " Me: "Buddy, no, no, we pee in the potty, not the bath." Ethan: "I pee in the bath all the time."

9. After belching loudly at the table Brent asked Ethan what he should say. He replied, "Woof, Woof Woof!"

10. "I'm the mommy Kandawoo and this is my Joey"

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haverlee said...

Love them all!! Bennett's just entering this phase...I know it'll keep getting better and better!