Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What To Wear, Or A Lesson In Autonomy...

Autonomy--n. Having the right or power of self-government.
I would like to make a request that Merriam-Webster place a picture of my son beside the definition of autonomy. Or any small child for that matter. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a princess, fireman, Spiderman, or cowboy/pajama combo at the grocery store, I'd be a very rich woman. My son is no exception. He decided to fire his stylist (me) and opt for his own expertise.

Here's what he came up with today:
I'm a big fan of the Caterpillar rubber boots *sarcasm*. They are showing up everywhere these days. The store. Play dates. And yes, church. They were his accessory of choice for the Awana's award ceremony.

Oh, and then there are these get ups:

The knight/Handy Manny combo was worn for an afternoon of errands...it was casual day. It's difficult to fasten the safety harness of the carseat around the breast plate.
The fashion advice I've learned from Ethan? Pave the way for fashion. It's not what you wear, but how you accessorize.


haverlee said...

Love this! I think the boots are adorable, but obviously its no my son wearing them!!
I'm lucky to have a child that still doesn't care at all what I put on him. I have a feeling my second born is going to throw us for a major loop, though, in more ways than one!

haverlee said...

sorry for the spelling error. My keyboard is getting weird and losing sensitivity or something so I have to triple check for spelling! Just thought I'd mention that to my grammatically aware friend.

Heather said...

a friend of mine has a little boy who is obsessed with rain boots too. he wore them ALL last year, only trading them in for winter boots when there was snow on the ground. in feb., for his birthday, he got a couple new pair of rain boots. so now his favorite thing to do is mix and match, wearing one boot from each pair everywhere he goes. kids are funny that way. :)