Monday, May 24, 2010

The Jackson's Invade Minneapolis...

This was our first true family vacation. We've made the trek to KC lots of times with the kiddos, and have gone on trips with our extended family, but this time we were truly flying solo. We had a fabulous time and made lots of memories...some, we will never forget, thanks to Ethan.

We chose to get a two-room suite at our hotel. We got a great deal and thought it would be better for everyone. The kids were so excited! They immediately began checking out the amenities--Ethan was jumping on beds and dialing room service, while Eva scoped out the toilet and toilet paper. We were just thankful to have a door that closed us off from our sweet kiddos at bedtime!

Next, we took in the city sights. We rode rides at the Mall of America, did a little shopping, hit Lego land, went to the Como Zoo (FREE!), walked around the sculpture park at the Walker Art Museum, walked along Lake Calhoun, and of course hit Ikea. The kids were such troopers and we have some great pictures of them having a fantastic time! We ate some incredible food (check-out Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream, Pizza Luce, and Cafe Latte*for dessert* if you're in town--awesome food and great people watching!).

Como Zoo...we got rained out, but still an awesome zoo!
Oops...we didn't read the sign.

Ethan's goal was to ride a roller coaster...sadly, he didn't make it to the red line without standing on tip-toe...

So, off to the bumper cars...

Eva loves grass...surely she knows
we have that in Des Moines.

Checking out the giant spoon...

What's a family vacation without a little hiccup? Well, here's the 'Ethan' part of the story. We love art and so decided to introduce the kiddos to the Walker Museum of Art. The modern building is done by a famous architect and houses some amazing art, and outside is a wonderful sculpture garden. No, Ethan didn't pull off an art heist. He didn't use flash photography either.

He did commit a flash of another sort, though. We were headed out after our wanderings, and Ethan informed us emphatically that he needed So, I told him we would hurry to the car and find a bathroom. I turned back around and my sweet, innocent boy had his pants around his ankles and was relieving himself right there in the middle of the sculpture park. Now, if you're an art lover...or just know public etiquette, then this is kind of considered a no, no. And, well, it's sort of against the law too. Something about indecent exposure. Anyway, of course we attempted to put a stop to it.

Brent ran to stop him, and I helped by laughing and grabbing the camera:

Next, daddy 'disciplined' Ethan...he was very stern.

Not sure Ethan got it.
The whole, 'don't pee-pee in public' concept was kind of lost on him.

Dear Minneapolis,

Ethan had a wonderful time! You left your mark on him, and I believe, he has left his mark on you as well.

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