Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Wedding...

Day 5...

Okay, I'm getting a little behind here. I've got two days to wrap up this romance before the big 9! So, let's get started shall we?... If you've just started following click HERE to start the story from the beginning...

He didn't propose after coffee. We weren't even dating yet. As a matter of fact, I spent an enormous amount of energy answering our friend's questions about our 'relationship'. "Did you guys have the DTR talk?" I was working overtime, reminding everyone that Brent and I were just friends there was no, 'DTR' there was nothing to define. This brought much laughter and the, 'Yeah right.' Response time and again.

Even the youth summer staff were giving me a hard time. Remember 6th grade Chris? He and his fiancée, Dawn, were on staff for the summer and we all became great friends. He and another guy (also Chris) were adamant that by he end of the summer Brent and I would be dating and by the end of college we would be married. Whatever. At least he wasn't yelling out out of bus windows. Secretly, I hoped 'The Chris's' were right. I kissed dating good-bye was quickly losing its grip on my will-power. On the outside I was all, "I'm not dating! I'm the evangelical nun. I have the emotional will-power of a donkey! " On the inside I was hoping he'd call again.

He did. He wanted to know if I planned on going to Chris and Dawn's wedding. I told him yes, and then he mentioned he was an usher and he would try to find me. And then it was a casual, "Well, then I'll see you there!" Thank the Lord it was a phone call and he couldn't see me sweating. What is it with this guy and my overactive sweat glands?

The big day arrived and I casually stood in line with the other wedding guests waiting to be escorted to their seats. And when I say casually, I mean heart racing, sweaty palms and stutter just waiting to kick into high gear. I somewhat noticed that Brent and the other ushers were clipping along at a quick pace to seat the guests. They had their timing down perfect so when I arrived at the entrance, Brent was booking it back and then slowed just in time to greet me. Hmmmmm...PERFECT timing. Little did I know it was all worked out amongst the ushers in advance so Brent could escort me. I like resourcefulness in a guy.

Brent offered me his arm and walked me to the pew where a few of my friends were seated. Then he whispered, "I'll see you later." And I died a little.

After the ceremony, Brent found me at the reception. We chatted with our friends and as things started winding down he asked if I had plans later. I mentioned just going home, but he said, "What if we got changed and hung out?" I said sure and he said, "It's a date!" And then I heard the screeching tires and breaks squealing in my head. Did he say, "date?!" Ummmm...that was a technical term. That meant one on one. That meant guy vs. girl. Next was 'DTR'! Whoa Nellie!

I let things sink in a bit...and then I IS a date. He's a great guy and he's already assured me he doesn't believe in recreational dating either. We enjoy each other's company. This is a great opportunity to see more of what he's about. This is exciting, not something to fear.

He picked me up an hour later and we eased into our familiar conversation. We shared about our quiet times, what God was teaching each of us, and future plans. We drove around for a while, hitting some of our favorite pit-stops...Loose Park, the Plaza, and a favorite gas station for sodas. I needed to make a, uh, pit-stop of my own. I truly hate public restrooms. I'm not like Britney Spears, trying to rack up frequent visit miles. I avoid them at all costs.

So, you can imagine my hysteria when I went in and realized a bit too late that there was no....toilet paper. Oh man. This was not good. The rest room was completely OUT! Aren't attendants supposed to keep the dispenser filled...isn't that why they have the little sign on the back of the door stating how long it's been since there was a restroom check? Come on people! You're setting me up for failure! This is new territory. We're not at this stage yet. I just accepted this whole date thing. Please don't let me have this moment on my first date! Please, oh please! There was no getting around this. I had to humble myself. So, I did what I had to do.

I asked. That's right. I pressed my beet-red face through the crack in the door, apologizing profusely, and asked my crush for T.P. He sweetly obliged, not even batting an eye. I was mortified on many levels. And then I braced myself that our lovely evening would now be coming to an end. I just knew he was going to say how tired he was and that we should call it a night. No more phone calls. No more hanging out with our friends. Buh-bye. But, instead he said, "Would it be okay if we drove around a little longer? Or would you like to go to the coffee shop or something?" Really? Are you kidding me? I just asked you for toilet paper on our first date and you don't want to throw in the towel?

So, we got back in the car and as we pulled away he said, "There's something I've been wanting to talk to you about..."


Heather said...

I love the cliff hanger at the end. :)

Mandy said...

I just found your blog (love it by the way) and I am having so much fun reading about how you and Brent ended up together! We sure miss the best neighbors ever!

Nikki said...

Mandy, I literally was just thinking of you this morning! Too funny! If you are free this week, I want to have you and the boys over to play! Thursday work?