Saturday, August 28, 2010


Two of us were nursing wounds yesterday. I had to tend to my wounded pride and the little miss was in tears over a skinned up face.

It was a beautiful morning yesterday so we opened up our windows and doors to let in the cool air. We placed a baby gate securely at our back door so we wouldn't have any escapees. Brent answered a phone call and I turned my back to clean up breakfast just as Eva gave the baby gate a good shove and went skidding down our back steps onto our patio. I jumped to grab her, thinking the damage was going to be pretty bad. Luckily for her, the fall wasn't far, but it was enough to leave a red abrasion across her forehead, nose and below her eye.

I gathered her up and brought her in while she sobbed in my arms. Just as I came in, she saw daddy, pushed me away and reached for him. She wanted nothing to do with the comfort I had to offer...she wanted daddy. A piece of me was a little sad, but there was something so sweet in watching her lay her head on his shoulder sniffing back her tears while he brushed her hair back from her forehead, gave her kisses and called her beautiful. He could make it better too.

After a few minutes in daddy's arms all was better and she was off climbing again (lessons aren't learned quickly in our household).

Here are a couple of pics of the damage:

This was just a few minutes after the incident...

unfortunately for the little miss, the redness increased as the day went on.
She is increasingly becoming a daddy's girl. Seeing her run to him for comfort after a spill just sealed the deal. Now, forgive me as I go drown my sorrows in a little Eddy's Slow Churned French Silk ice cream.


Jamee said...

Oh, such a rough day for Eva and mommy! I'm glad she okay.

Nikki said...

It WAS a rough day! And sadly, the spills didn't end. She continued bumping into things and tripping. Like mother like daughter. Poor girl.