Monday, November 1, 2010

Party Like A Preschooler...

Friday was the little Mr's fall party at school.  Imagine with me a room-full of sugared up preschoolers singing, dancing, crafting and playing games at speeds I didn't know were possible.  Attention spans were short and volume levels were high.  It was super fun! 

All this fun almost didn't happen for the Jackson's...E was having second thoughts about his costume.  Like the rest of the nation of children obsessed with Toy Story, the little Mr. wanted to be 'Woody'.  After procrastinating working hard on his costume, he tried it on, and decided it wasn't "Woodier enough".  So, after coaxing, coaching and stroking his ego (that in fact he was the most amazing Woody ever) he decided he would leave the house in his homemade costume...

The costume parade was the highlight of the quickly went south.  One of the little boys (Mr. Dragon above) looked out the window and discovered a dead bird lying on the patio.  He called it to my attention and I checked...indeed the bird was toe up.  Mr. Dragon announced, "Guys, there's a dead bird outside!  It's been shot!  And it's dead!"  (For the record, the bird was not shot).  All at once the uniform line of costumed children broke and the kids converged on the window shouting to one another about the dead bird.  Little faces were smashed against the window, straining to get a better look.  Their teacher exclaimed, "Treats back in the classroom!" and like that, the kids were back in line and hurrying back for more sugar.  Thank goodness for short attention spans.

The little miss had a great time too...she discovered the nature center!

Sheesh...little sisters are SO embarassing!

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