Monday, December 20, 2010

The Ladies Man, Christmas Edition...

He's a flirt.  He's a ladies man.  He knows what women like...he's only FOUR!!!  Let's just observe the facts friends: 

My husband and I help out with the youth group at church.  Every Wednesday night the little Mr. makes his grand entrance and begins making the rounds to all the high school girls.  He grins and bats his eyes and they pick him up, hug him, and gush at how cute he is.  And he eats it up.  We've got girls beating down our door offering to babysit (thank you by the way!).  He's a lady killer.

Aunt Sarah doesn't stand a chance.  Her will isn't strong enough to resist his hugs and kisses.  Try as she may, he always finds her and monopolizes her affections.  She's putty in his hands.

And remember this story about sweet little L?  I'm pretty sure it's just innocent friendship, but they still sit by each other every day.

The funny thing is he's really pretty oblivious to his powers.  He's just a sweet little guy who loves people and will talk to anyone who will listen...and girls are good listeners.

Since it's Christmas the little Mr. and I  worked together to make a Christmas gift for each of his teachers.  We got them all put together last night, when the little Mr. announced, "Mama, I would like to get Miss M. and Miss P. a flower too!"  He came up with this all on his own.  He talked it over with me and said he really wanted pink 'utunias' (petunias).   So, we decided we would get out early this morning before school and let him pick out flowers.  Well, he got up early alright...4am!  So I ushered him back to bed  and told him it was waaaaaaaaaaaay to early to go flower shopping.  He gave me a sad look and said, "Mama, I can't stop thinking about it!  Can we go now?" I would have thought he was super sweet, but this mama was tired and in no way thinking about flowers.

He finally went back to sleep, but he was rearing to go at 7am.  He scarfed down his breakfast, put on his clothes without a fight, and was waiting by the backdoor urging me to hurry.  We drove to the grocery store pink petunias.  But, he had already come up with a compromise just in case and settled on one pink and one yellow rose.  He carried his flowers to the cashier and told her excitedly that they were for his teachers. 

When we got to school he was so excited to give Miss M. and Miss P. their gifts.  He joined the line of children filing by the teachers, giving them their homemade gifts.  Their arms were quite full when Ethan walked by and whispered, "Here." Then quickly walked away blushing.  He didn't want recognition.  He just wanted to do something nice for two teachers he loves.

Every day, I learn a little more from my wee ones.  More about giving.  More about the heart behind a kind action.  More about taking the time to bless others.  More about putting others first.  More about doing something simple to say 'thank you'. 

A simple reminder from a small child as we draw nearer to Christmas.  May you be blessed this Christmas and every day.

Merry Christmas from the Jackson '5'

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