Monday, January 31, 2011

Clothing Optional...

We sort of have a clothing dilemma in the Jackson household.  It's the little miss...she refuses to stay dressed.  She completely disregards the fact that the weather is currently below the freezing point in the Midwest.  She could care less that the neighbors can see her
standing on the toy bench near the window (stark naked).
 And frankly, she's not at all concerned that her
bare bum is parked on our couch while watching Elmo. 

*The required uniform for watching Elmo...No one
will want to sit in this chair again after seeing this pic*

Several times a day, I follow the trail of strewn clothing (diaper included) to find her sitting at the end of said trail like the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...except I'm not leaping for joy.

A few days ago, I lamented on Facebook how the little miss refuses to keep clothing on, and I received a lot of great advice...everything from putting her clothing on her backwards, to let her keep running around naked.  I even had friends telling me to let her choose her own clothes (she's 21-months...and I'm guessing that she'd choose to be naked).

I was trying to decide whether it was a nickel issue, and then we had a breakthrough.  The little miss began pulling off her diaper and bringing it to us every time she went to the bathroom.  I was in a bit of denial that she could be ready to potty train...I hadn't planned to start until after she turned two.  But, we're taking advantage of her pension for nakedness and her love of sitting on the potty.  We're not really doing the underwear thing...I mean what's the point if she doesn't keep them on anyway?

*yes...she's watching Elmo while on the potty...hey, it worked!*

So, starting today, I'm on potty patrol.  Here in the Jackson house our new mantra will be "All Potty, All The Time."  We've had two successful sittings and a small miss (thankfully we have hardwood floors).  Thank goodness for Elmo, books, and chocolate.  I promise to not make the next few weeks of blog posts all about potty training...I mean who really wants to read all about my daughter's bowel success
(other than the grandmas).

So, I'll try to blog about other interesting things in between trips to the potty...wish us luck!

Happy Monday!


Jamee said...

Ok, so I cannot wait when she's older and you show her these pictures and tell her how much she loved running around naked :)

Nikki said...

I know right?! LOL! She likes her freedom! Ha!

Laurie J said...

lol. hope the potty stuff is going well! yep. I'll bet that chair will be declared "hers" by all who read your blog :) course if people only knew how violated my furniture has been over the years of kiddos....!

Nikki said...

LOL Laurie! I'll do a miniature potty update soon...potty training has a way of defiling an entire house!!! Ha Ha!