Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She's Got Issues...

It's true, I've got issues.  The quirks that come as a bonus to my otherwise crazy normal package were initially deemed 'cute' by my sweet B-man pre-marriage.  Now, they just drive him crazy.  I acknowledge it's a long (and growing) list of nonsense, and I'm laying it on the line to validate B's stance on how strange quirky I am...
1) I won't eat leftovers.  For some reason they gross me out...but, I'm working on it.

2)  I leave a trail everywhere I go.  You can fill in the blank here--clothes, purse, other random things.  My hubby claims he can accurately recount my day by looking at the trail of evidence.

3)  I'm abnormally protective of my pillow.  No one else may sleep on, touch, fluff or squish my pillow.  If I am being particularly testy, B threatens to steal my pillow and fart on it.  The thought nearly sends me over the edge and puts an end to my antics.  Gross.

4)  I sleep in the middle of the bed.  I love how B's side stays I keep pushing the imaginary boundary until he shoves me back to my side.  So, I guess I'm a bed hog.

5)  I crunch chips...but he's almost got me broke of it.

6)  I have to have a bite of anything he's eating.  Thankfully he shares food...

7)  I take long, steaming, hot showers and B takes short cold ones...not by choice.  Sorry *sheepish grin*

8)  I tap my fingers and feet to every beat I hear...he prefers me to leave the beat-keeping to the experts.

9)  I'm always in la-la land.  I know he's caught me when my thoughts are suddenly interrupted by B exclaiming, "And then a hot pink turtle jumped in the car and ate my twinkie!" Huh?  Busted.

10)  I spill food, drinks or just about anything on my clothes on any given day.  There seems to be this invisible force that smacks my hand about four inches from my mouth.  Or there's a hole in my lip.  Or, I simply need to lean over my plate.  Either way I'm thankful for Oxi Clean.

Let's just be honest friends...I had to narrow the list down to 10...and I didn't even include the worst offenses (a girl has her dignity).  Despite my bad habits and shortcomings, B loves me anyway.  I am so not perfect.  Ugh...far from it.  Praise Jesus B's a pretty patient guy.  And he's super-cute.  *Sigh*  I love him.

Hopefully I'm not the only girl driving her oh-so-lucky hubby batty!

Happy Wednesday!!!


Jason said...

I also leave a trail everywhere I go and have a hole in my lip! So you are not alone! My hubby can't stand the way I do the dishes. It is not organized enough for him. He also dislikes my "organized piles" (clutter). Glad our hubbies love us the way we are :)

Jenny said...

Funny! This list makes me smile... I can relate in so many ways!

Heather said...

that was funny to read. brought me back to some roommate days. ;)

i'm totally with you on #3. and if i ever bring my pillow anywhere, like on a trip, i have to pack extra pillowcases or i just can't bring myself to lay my head on it.

i also love #9. i'm gonna have to try to remember the bit about the turtle and the twinkie. :)

Nikki said...

LOL! I know right Heather? Hopefully I'm a better wife than roommate...or else we're in big trouble!!!

Jamee said...

LOL. It's very funny b/c I see a lot of similarities between your "quirks" and Matt! Especially the bed hogging, pillows, spilling on clothes, you eat a little bit of B's food and Matt just plain eats all the food :), and leaves a trail of everything in the house too,especially clothes :) Eva has that in common too ;) I love it!

brent said...

I know Jamee!!! it's sad.
Jenny...glad I'm not the only one!

Anonymous said...

Nikki - you are just too cute and too funny - loved this post!