Monday, April 18, 2011

Sayin' Bye-Bye To The Paci And Other Big-Girl News...

Well, the little Miss turned two on Friday and on Sunday we officially gave the paci the boot, cold-turkey style.  My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a sweet little boy in August, so Eva donated her paci's to baby Mason (in theory). 

*Preparing to 'give' the paci's to the baby
**Forgive the cabinet doors...we're in the process of refinishing our cabinets...

We helped her gather up all of her paci's (five total) and place them in a bag.  As we prepared to say good-bye, she gave a longing look in the bag, then reached in and pulled each one out for one last suck before placing them back in the bag.  She looked like a smoker taking one last drag before calling it quits, knowing deep down it's the right thing to do, but boy, it's hard to say good-bye.

*Saying Good-bye

Daddy took the bag out to the car and drove away to 'give' them to Mason.  When he came back, he had a little gift from Mason to Eva...a little Hello Kitty.  It's kind of cool how a kiddo still in utero can go shopping.  He's like a fetal prodigy.  

*A gift for the big-girl

Our first night paci-free went pretty well.  There was a little fussing initially and asking for the paci, but she fell asleep on her own and slept through the night!

Nap time today was a little rough, but this evening she was exhausted and went right to sleep with no fussing!  Yay!

We're just so proud of her.  She's really such a strong little girl and adapts to change so well.  She potty trained like a pro, she's adjusting to being paci-free, and soon she'll transition to a big girl bed!

It definitely seems like in just a matter of a few days she's gone from baby to big-girl :(  I guess I'm going to have to start a campaign to convince B that three is the magic number.  Anyone want to be my campaign manager?

*p.s.  I have so much to share with all of you...but it will have to wait for a few more days! 
I will just say God is so good and we are rejoicing in the Jackson household!


Emily said...

wow! way to go!

emerson is 26 months and still clinging to the paci. eek. oh well...

this is inspiring though!

Nikki said...

Hey Emily...actually, I wasn't really wanting to take away the's a major comfort item for Eva...but, she has a significant over bite and the dentist urged us to give it up :(
I think it was harder for me than it was for her LOL!

Jennifer said...

Aww! I remember going through that with my younger siblings. They were reluctant to give them up, but they were getting overbites too. I hope it goes well for her!

PS: She is just the cutest little thing!