Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't Argue With An Expert...

I love the bed time routine with my little's just a time to unwind, talk about the day and get in some cuddles before going to sleep.  These are the moments when they are the most honest about their thoughts on life, or simply asking those burning questions (that frankly, I have to google the answers to).

The little miss is just now understanding that bedtime is her opportunity to start deep discussions as a means of postponing sleep.

Take last night for example.  We cuddled under her favorite quilt, read a book, sang some songs then prayed.  Shortly after, she pointed at the polka dots on the blanket and said, "balloon."  I said they were circles.  She looked at me determinedly and repeated, "balloon".  I pointed and said again, "circle."  This time she shook her head, pointing at the dots more emphatically and said a bit more loudly, "balloon." 

We went back and forth a bit bantering balloon vs. circle.  finally, I looked at her, enunciating very slowly, and said "cir-cle."  She took my cheeks in her hands turned my face to look at her and spoke slowly, loudly enunciating every syllable: "ba-lloon." It was obvious to both of us we were at an impass.

First rule of a debate:  support your position with conviction.  Well played my dear.


Laurie J said... internet is back and I just had to stop by ;) what a cute story, friend!

CaseyWiegand said...

so sweet, seriously the sweetest!!!!