Monday, May 16, 2011

Um Yeah...I'm Grateful...

Grateful is when your handsome hubby walks in the door at 10:30 pm all tired and ruffled from his flight after being gone for four days. 

Grateful is getting your couch buddy back, because frankly who wants to watch a movie when you can't turn to the person next to you and exclaim, "Did you just see that?" or, "Wanna know what I think is going to happen?" (to be clear...the answer to that question is always a firm "no!" when watching a movie with B). 

Grateful is getting your parenting partner back, because let's be honest friends, you don't have quite as much pull when it's bath time and the wee ones are running naked circles around you chanting, "No tub! No tub! No tub!"

Grateful is watching him go in and kiss those sprawled out, hanging-off-the-bed, sleeping kiddos on their foreheads and re-tucking them in. Yeah, I'm super grateful B's back!

B just got back from a short trip to Orlando (I know, so rude to go without me, right?).  Even more rude are the awesome pictures of him hanging out on Cocoa Beach during some down time after meetings, while we put up with cold/rainy weather in Iowa.  Oops...I'm losing my grateful momentum here.

He stayed with an awesome host and hostess, who showed him around, gave him a list of some must-see attractions, and made him feel at home.  Here are some of his pics:

Gorgeous right?!  Especially the last pic *smile*  Not to worry...B called often and said the trip just wasn't the same without me there sharing everything with him...I love him.

Friends, I'd post pictures of how my weekend went, but A) Brent had the camera, and B) Well, my weekend wasn't as glamorous...although the kiddos and I ate out every evening for supper, this place being one of my favorite haunts...good food and kids eat free on the weekend! 

Otherwise, I cuddled with the kiddos, we played at the petri dish mall play place, cleaned, had a garage sale with a good friend (only made 21 bucks *wop, wop*), and sat by my cellphone like a 15-year-old waiting for B to call.

It was a great weekend with my wee ones, but I'm so grateful B's back!

How was your weekend?


haverlee said...

Sooooo....why was he there?? Job interview?

haverlee said...

oh, and please share the gateway love and explain the kids eat free deal. all weekend, really? is it one kid's meal with purchase of entree?

Nikki said...

It's all weekend, all day long! Two kids meals per one adult entree! You really can't beat it!

danielle @ take heart said...

my man leaves for a fishing trip tomorrow… always hard when they are gone but much sweeter when they return! :)

Josh and Nicole said...

Nikki, I hear you! Nothing like a few days of "solo parenting" to make you realize how much you rely on and need your spouse! And BTW, thanks for the tip about Gateway Market! We will definitely be taking advantage of that deal!

Laurie J said...

i love this post, friend! petri dish crossed out almost made me pee in my pants (i know, tmi, sorry)
my hubby played solo parent this weekend while i took just the baby and we met friends in dallas. believe me, the one who leaves is ever so grateful to the one who stays. and eating out every night while being the soloist at parenting = sanity. i'm so proud of you :)


Jami said...

yeah! so glad you have your hubby back. I think your weekend sounds very glamorous ;)