Wednesday, November 9, 2011

O' Happy Day...

There have been so many things making me happy lately.  For one, my morning chai has gone from this:

To This...
 I love it when all of the holiday products start coming back again.
I mix one part warmed milknog (gotta be AE) with one part strong-brewed Tazo chai (sweetened a bit before combining with the nog).  Mmmmm...

Another bright spot in my life is my kiddos.  They're always a bright spot, but lately they've entered a season of contentment.  The Mr. has been so gracious to his sister, and has been consistently compliant (but more importantly, with a joyful heart!).  They have been playing happily, sharing with joy, and have been so kind and loving toward one another.  That makes me so proud of them.  

Yesterday, the little Miss knocked over Mr.'s tower of blocks.  At first he got angry, but then I heard his voice soften as he said, "I'm sorry I yelled...I was just having a bad day.  But, you can't just come and knock over my tower.  We're a team and we built this together, so we can't knock it over.  We can make it again, it's going to be okay."  Then they hugged and made amends.  

I've sort of been waiting and hoping that we'd reach this moment in our family.  For so long there was bickering and complaining, but our wee ones seemed to have turned a new leaf.  B and I have been praising them and thanking them for working so hard to be content and joyful.  Tomorrow they may fight, but we can now point them to this time when they worked together and use it as a reference of how God desires for us to treat one another.

Another bright spot is B.  We've been married for over 10 years now, and he still calls me "Beautiful".  He opens my car door for me, and shows compassion toward our children.  He prays for the kiddos and me every morning on his way to work.  I'm so grateful that he makes prayer for his family a priority.  I'm grateful for his gift of wisdom and leadership.  And I'm so grateful for his humor...he makes me laugh everyday.
He is a wonderful husband and father, and I'm so proud of him.
*Sigh* I love him.

What is making you happy these days?

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Lovely Little Nest said...

Oooh yum! I drink Vanilla Chai Bigelow tea with skim milk and a little scoop of sugar...but I like your suggestion of switching out the milk for eggnog! Very festive. :)

Happy weekend!