Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifted Thursday, Cashmere-Yes, Crafty-No...

For some reason I felt like wearing a dress...which is so rare you may not see it on the blog again... 

This dress was an amazing find.  It's cashmere, so you can imagine my surprise when I spotted it at the thrift store for like $3!  It's in perfect shape and is probably the most comfortable item in my closet.  I usually pair it with denim, but today felt like a leggings day, so I went with it.  Now, my mama always had a rule when I was growing up that dresses should be no longer than your finger tips...just kidding...they should be longer than your finger tips.
This dress just barely passes mama's test...
scarf:  swap party
belt: thrifted
cashmere dress:  thrifted
leggings:  target $5
boot socks: target
boots: thrifted...sick of seeing them yet?

And now for your crafty delight, I present a bracelet I made myself:
Kidding again.  It's just a thrifted skinny belt wrapped around my wrist and buckled to look like a cuff bracelet.  I did not inherit my mama's crafty gene.  She only passed on her resourceful gene.  She also did not pass on her good-decision-making-gene. Honestly, I couldn't decide which accessory to wear with the dress...maybe you can give your opinion!  I loved the above belt bracelet, but I wanted to wear this one too...
excuse the dry's that time of year.
It's from Forever 21 and I really love was cheap too!  I really love the chevron pattern, and it was a fun pop of color that tied in with the yellow belt.  Decisions.  Decisions.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday friends!
And if you haven't called your mama it!


Mamasita said...

ok you cute thrifter, you! i LOVE the dress with the leggings! so dang cute! and that belt bracelet is stinking a MUST HAVE! love it love it love it! :-) we should have gone to coffee yesterday in your DARLING outfit. i am moving to iowa. amen. ;-)
hope you have a great weekend miss!
thanks for your comment on my blog - tried to reply, but couldnt.

Emily said...

ok cutie patootie, how smart are you to wrap the skinny belt like a cuff bracelet??? i love it. i'm gonna do it!

also, that dress is a major score!

also, do you think that if i started a linky party for my wednesday 'fashion on a dime' series you would join? or anyone for that matter? lol!

Kristy @ Fried Kristy said...

Super cute, Nik! I love the pop of color with the yellow belt - perfect! And the skinny belt bracelet is genius :)

jacie @ said...

YES to this outfit -- lovely, miss!