Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thrifted Thursday: Mathematic Equations...

One pinstripe shirt +sweater+comfy jeans= my new favorite outfit.
I wore this outfit to church on Sunday, and loved it so much that I wore it again on Tuesday.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear it next week too.  I would have NEVER done that back in high taboo ha!

sweater:  target (really old)
pinstripe shirt: gap kids (thrifted)
jeans: the limited (thrifted
shoes: urban outfitters
vest:  fossil

But who cares right?  Why not wear something you love over and over (washing in between...or not...your choice) because it works for you and you love it?  

Happy Thursday friends!


Mamasita said...

Ohhhhhh I love this Thursday outfit!!!!
The shoes are TO DIE FOR! and the entire ensemble is ADORABLE girl!
*** I say if something feels good to wear - wear it up! ***
Kinda digging leggings and long tunic shirts - I may never take todays outfit off!!! :-)
much love friend,

Laurie J said...

gap kids. stop, you skinny beautiful thing! glad to be back checking out blogland (can you say 18 month old getting 4 teeth with a double ear infection?! mercy.)
a big happy friday to YOU!! <3

Emily said...

oh i think this is my new favorite! so good girl!

Emily said...

thanks for linking up sweetie!

Amy Renea said...

oh how I would LOVE to shop at GAP kids! ;) Loving the layered look with the vest the most! Too cute!

Flamingo said...

very VERY cute!!