Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thrifted Thursday...

The other day B came home with a sack and said, "I was at the mall and I picked up a couple of things for you."  It wasn't Christmas, or my birthday...just because.  As a matter of fact, he was supposed to be shopping for himself, but ever the thoughtful guy he is, he moseyed on over to the ladies section to scout things out. He bought me two of the softest henleys in my favorite colors: grey and a light pink that's a cross between pink and lavender.  

B has impeccable taste, so I always trust his purchases.  But, what made it even better was his thriftiness...he bought them both for ten bucks total!  So, today B gets all the credit for Thrifted Thursday!
Oh, and on an unrelated topic, I'm dubbing December, 'No Coat December'...lately the weather has been unseasonably warm in Iowa.

shirt: gap ($5)
jeans: limited (thrifted)

Bracelet: forever 21

necklace: forever 21 ($1!!!!!)

Happy Thursday!!!


Laurie J said...

happy thursday to YOU! what a sweet surprise from the hubs. love the bracelet

Mamasita said...

your hubster is rockin awesome!!!! how sweet of him! love the outfit <3 (as always)
hope you had a wonderful holiday and happy happy new year to you!
thought of you when i was on my ice skates :)
have a happy rest of the day,