Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thrifted Thursday...60 Degrees in January

Oh my it's 60 degrees in Iowa.  This must be some kind of record, because usually this time of year, B would be shoveling with all of his might and we would have a huge snow mound on our back patio because we've run out of places to put the stuff.  Not so.  It's sunny, gorgeous and no snow to speak of.

So, this girl ran around town with the kiddos and enjoyed the weather.  This is what I wore:  

navy blazer:  thrifted/DIY (Talbots)
sweater: super old 
jeans: target
flats: target

So this week I came across a few tips on the EmersonMade blog regarding changing up your clothes, and she had this really great tip to do an inside roll on skinny jeans to make them ankle length.  This was sort of a slap the head moment for me, and I wished I had thought to do this long ago (my guess is I'm the last one on the planet to figure this style tip out...).  

Anyway, with the temps so nice, I figured today was as good as any to see if it worked, and it did!  So far the roll has stayed in place, and given me just enough of a change to keep things fresh.

Oh, and about the blazer...I tweaked it a bit so it would fit my body better...but I'll post about it next week with some close-ups!  

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Mamasita said...

i had no clue about the skinny jean rolling buisness - genius! unfortuanately 60 degree days here are nowhere to be found! seriously! that's incredible! looks like a spring day in your pic! :)
Lots of Love,