Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Way back before there were two miniature Jacksons, there was just Brent and Nikki.  A couple of college students doing the long distance dating thing.  There were lots of sweet notes and e-mails sent back and forth.  At first we signed Love, Brent and Love, Nikki, but after a while, we developed a sort of shorthand and began signing Love, B. and Love, N.  I's like rocket science or something.  It's never left us and we still just sign our initials when we write to each other.

But you know something?  There is something in all of those years of simply typing our initials that I never noticed, but B did and used it to make the best Valentine's Card ever.  We've always been side-by-side...

I will share just a brief bit of what he wrote on the inside:
I guess it's poetic that as one intends to type 'B' or 'N' they accidentally 
type the other, but it's no accident since we are a unified pair.

It is amazing how God intricately weaves us together with the mates HE created for us.  Many of my friends have shared time and again that their husband is their perfect match.  Strong where we are weak.  An encouragement as we walk through life side-by-side.  Unified as one.

I'm grateful that in God's perfect creation of marriage, he intended for an unbroken unity.


Mamasita said...

Ohhh Nikki,
This is SOOO CUTE!!!! What a thoughtful husband! :) I love this story!
Miss you!

Laurie J said...

awesome, that's what that is!
<3 <3 <3

Nicole @ one half world said...

What a cute card. I love that he didn't have to Photoshop it since B and N are actually right beside each other!