Thursday, February 5, 2009

Girl or Boy...

Ethan is convinced we are having a girl. So convinced, in fact, that he tells everyone...his Sunday school teachers, strangers at the grocery store
(I still feel sorry for the poor gentleman in line behind us at Wal-Mart...he got an ear-full). This is not from any ideas we've been giving him...nope, he hasn't changed his story one bit from the moment we told him we are having a new baby at our house, "A gul (girl) baby?"
I picked up Ethan from his Puggles class at church on Wednesday night and got a big congratulations on our "news of expecting a baby girl" from one of his teachers. She said Ethan told everyone, "Mommy is having a baby and it's a girl baby!" When asked her name, "Myum, Myum" (translation Miriam...which so happens to be his best friend's name).
I told the teacher that we actually don't know our baby's gender, but we got a big laugh. I love how funny toddlers are. And I REALLY love how excited Ethan is to be a big brother. It's just that we are going to have A LOT of explaining to do if we bring home a boy from the hospital...I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

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Heather said...

Hey, there you are! I saw a link on Shelley's blog and wondered if that might be you, and yep, it is. Congratulations on your baby bump! What's your due date? Don't you love the funny ideas kids get about a baby coming to join the family? Emma was like that too, and told everyone everything she thought about our baby. Well, congrats again. Hope all is going well!