Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Puddle Jumper...

He loves em'. Deep ones. Muddy ones. He's not biased. When I see the gleam in little Mr. Ethan's eyes I'd better act fast to thwart his plan.

Last night I wasn't quite at the top of my game. While leaving the grocery store, my arms full of groceries, he found...THE. PERFECT. PUDDLE. Before I could say, was too late.

The cold muddy water from that puddle covered his chucks, all the way up mid-thigh of his jeans. His reaction? Utter joy and laughter. Although I was not very happy, and we had a talk on the way home...I have to admit that now it is pretty funny. And, his laughter and ear-to-ear grin is still staying with me. I so love that laugh.

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