Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today I just got back from meeting my parents half-way to Kansas City to drop off Ethan to spend the weekend with them *sniff*. He will be having some quality Papa and Nana time through Saturday...and boy do they have some fun adventures for him! Tomorrow is Kaleidoscope at Crown Center and then lunch at Fitz's, Friday breakfast out and a morning tumbling class, Saturday heading to a small town for a goat sale (my parents raise goats and Ethan LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the goats).

I am going to miss him so much (I even got a bit choked up as they were driving away), but I'm pretty sure his adventures will not involve home-sickness :0

But, to be sure he remembered his loving parents back home, I slipped some letters in his suitcase for Nana to read to him each day.

I am so glad he gets so many opportunities to spend quality time with his grandparents in makes living away from family a little easier. Ethan's parting words? "WOO-HOO! It's Papa's big truck time! Let's go Nana! Love you mama!"

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