Monday, June 1, 2009

One of the Guys, and More Stories From This Weekend

This weekend was a big house painting weekend for us. We've been doing it ourselves and are finally making progress! (I say "we" loosely, since Brent has done most of the work) That's right, we're slowly wiping out the green that is the shade of a pack of wintergreen "Tick-Tacks"! The new shade is called "Outerspace" and is kind of a midnight blue...I think with the white trim it makes the house look quaint against the dark green lawn and hostas. Once the house is painted then we will move to the base (which will be a taupe) and trim which will remain white. I will post pictures soon.

Anyway, Brent's brother, Aaron, and his girlfriend, Emily, came for the weekend to help. It was kind of cramped quarters, but we had a wonderful time and Ethan was so excited uncle "Bubba" was here. All weekend Ethan was just one of the guys with uncle Bubba and daddy! He even had his own "paint" bucket filled with water that he used to paint the patio. Here are a couple of pictures of the guys eating lunch after working so hard...a handsome crew don't you think?

Eva, well she was helpful too! She used her adorable looks to keep mommy and Emily occupied.
Speaking of our newest adorable addition, she is now 7 weeks old and is smiling and cooing and much more alert! Wow, time is just flying by!

worries of the lack of love she was getting from Ethan has proved to be unfounded! Ethan adores his baby sister! He even holds her now! We're making progress, it's just taken a full six weeks to get there! He is such a sweet big brother and now relishes his new role!

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