Friday, June 12, 2009

The Zoo

We've lived in Des Moines 6 years and are just now getting around to visiting the zoo! At the risk of sounding like a big city was a bit underwhelming. I'm used to the Kansas City Zoo which is huge, and takes an entire day to go through. BUT, in defense of the Blank Park Zoo, it's the perfect size for toddlers. You get out of there having seen all the animals (in a couple of hours) without a cranky melt-down in the end! NICE!

Ethan loved it and we got some fun pics!


Jennifer Handsaker said...

I'm with you on the underwhelming feeling of our zoo!! I try, but it's not my favorite outing!

haverlee said...

We got a pass this year because Bennett's nutso about animals and you're right, its the perfect zoo for toddlers. Its nice you can hang out for a couple hours and then head home!