Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Last Hoorah

Today, I say good-bye to my sedentary lifestyle along with sleeping til' 7am. As of Monday morning at 5:30 am I am getting my post-baby body whipped into shape by taking a kick boxing/strength training class at a local church.

I know you must be thinking that the above time is a type-o, I really mean 5:30, unfortunately for me, that time is correct. I have to work around my kiddos, so, I'm biting the bullet.

So, today, I am celebrating my commitment to healthy living and fitness by slamming down a couple of chocolate zucchini cupcakes and a root beer...I'll work it off on Monday.


Jennifer Handsaker said...

Love it! You go Nik and I'm proud of you. It took me until Cooper was 12 months to get it back into gear. Unfortunately, I'm old and I had my babies when I was old, so it's takin' this body a little longer to respond than most, but it's coming!!!

haverlee said...

My sister Bethany and Julie Vanderpool are doing that one too! But they're in the 8:30 class with all of the other sane people :)
Ha ha. JK :)

Heather said...

does class START at 5:30, or is that the time you have to get up to make it to class on time? whichever it is, good luck!

Nikki said...

well, heather, class starts at 5:30 and since I'm hauling myself all the way to Ankeny, I have to wake up at 4:55 AM! oh, and should I mention that Eva gets up at 4am to eat? Just a minor detail. ;)