Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"You're the bestest friend in the whole world!"

These are the words my sweet boy has been telling me lately! Oh, how special it makes me feel! And to think I'm the only one who hears these special words....ummmmm, not quite. Come to find out he has many, "bestest friends in the whole world!" WHAT?! It turns out it's more of a generic, "I like you" kind of phrase he's been sharing with the sweet middle school sitter who came to watch him, the little neighbor boy, the sacker at the grocery store (yeah, I know!), teachers at church, our crazy neighbor across the street...ummm the pool of people is limitless! But, until he turns 16 when I will definitely NOT be viewed as his best friend in the whole wide world, I will relish these sweet words despite that I share this category with many, MANY people!


Jennifer Handsaker said...

That just brought back a memory of Layla doing that same thing. So funny!

Nikki said...

Jen...I have to tell you that every time I read another 'Layla' story on your blog, I'm cracking up! I think we're raising a couple of hams!