Friday, September 11, 2009

Nappy, Nappy Nap time

What does nap time look like in your household? Pre-kiddos, mine was a couple hours of pure bliss tucked under a down comforter slipping into a dreamy sleep on a Sunday afternoon.

Now, it looks something like this: me walking a path between the two rooms popping the paci back in Little Miss's mouth and telling the Little Mr. to stop standing on the bed and that he is NOT Buzz Lightyear. 45 minutes pass...Little Miss must have phased out of REM because she is now fussing and the Little Mr. is still pretending to be Buzz...I pop paci back in and remind 'Buzz' that I'm about to send him to "infinity and beyond" if I catch him standing on his bed one more time. 30 minutes pass...Little Miss finally asleep and 'Buzz' is singing "This little light of mine" and counting to 30, there's a strange wall banging, which I discover is his feet tapping the wall; I decide to choose my battles. 10 minutes pass...Little Mr. is finally asleep, body half off the bed and feet perched against the wall. Little Miss, completely unswaddled, but definitely asleep.

Me...well, I'll be spending nap time doing laundry, cleaning up lunch, a little alone time reading HIS word and enjoying the peace and quiet...until the UPS man comes, the dog barks, or the phone rings...

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Heather said...

ha ha... that sounds all too familiar! and now ashlyn is into the chattering phase. so we often hear her up in her crib chattering to herself. (she's doing it right now, in fact.) very cute, but it's time for sleeping!