Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Difference Between Boys and Whales...

Pre-kids, dinner conversation was candlelit, romantic, and covered various adult genre. It was educated adult conversation. These days? Well, it's certainly educated. But, with a three-year-old...ya never know what you're gonna get! Take last night for example. The convo started out simple enough. "Mommy, whales have holes." See. Simple.

It took a very abrupt turn. "The holes shoot water...out of their neck! Or wait....out of their back? The water shoots high. I don't have a hole on my back. I don't shoot water...I do shoot water but it's out of my mouth in the tub. I'm not supposed to drink the bath water. The whale is really Big...but, God made me little. Can I go in a whale? Jonah was in the whale's throat...then he shot out of the hole. And went to Ninevah. Marlin (from finding Nemo) and Dory came out of the whale's hole (spout)." This went on for quite some time then turned to Pirates, what babies eat and so on. Now, Mr. J and I did have input somewhere in there...but, it wasn't much...we just couldn't seem to fit it in before the next question or statement was spoken. Want to know something? I loved every minute of it.

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Heather said...

haha! i love hearing what's on their minds at this age. (usually) ;)