Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch...

When I was a little girl, my mom, grandma and I sort of had a little tradition. I think it was an unspoken tradition. We would set out fairly early on a Saturday morning and go SHOPPING. The aim was to beat the crowds and hit as many of their favorite stores before I got cranky. I would walk as fast as my short, stubby legs could carry me and we'd hit em' all. Honestly, I loved every minute of it. I'd watch them try on stylish outfits and if I was good...there was usually something in it for me a COOKIE! Or sometimes a browse through the toy store...just to 'look', but grandma couldn't resist and usually I'd come out with some little treasure.

Then there was LUNCH! Mmmmmmm. We'd stop in some restaurant, grab a booth and I would slide in next to grandma. She would read me the options from the kid's menu, using her pinkie finger to underline the words 'grilled cheese', 'hot dog', 'macaroni n' cheese' etc.
Then there was the other unspoken tradition...the argument between grandma and mom as to who would pay the check. Mom would insist, grandma would quickly grab the check and threaten that if mom didn't put away her money, then this would be the last time we went shopping. Just so you know...this little argument still continues to this day.

I'm happy to say that I get to continue this tradition with my mom. I took my mom to lunch at
my favorite spot, Flarah's in Beaverdale. Of course what good is a tradition if we don't include the next Eva tagged along. We stepped up to the counter placed our orders and I both started to (grandma) won. We ate, chatted, cooed over Eva and just enjoyed being ladies who lunch.

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