Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh, So Humbled...

I don't even know how to begin this post...I'm speechless, humbled, embarrassed etc. etc.
Maybe I'll take the long way of telling this story and give you a bit of background info. My sweet in-laws have a DVD at their house that Ethan just loves. It's from the 'Really Woolly' series. Each video teaches kids about Biblical truths through the adventures of Woolly and Grace. The above video uses a pirate adventure. Woolly and Grace pretend to be pirates...not really sure how that ties into the story, but whatever gets the truth across. Anyway, ever since, Ethan has been obsessed with pirates....pretending to be one, turning everything imaginable into a sword, tying his pajama pants around his head, shouting 'ARGH' get the point.

Well, this morning we had a bit of shopping to do. We made our way to Wally-world and made a quick stop at customer service to make a return. While I was waiting, there was a sweet employee behind the counter putting away merchandise. She was wearing an eye-patch over her left eye...ummm...I think you know where I'm going with this. Ethan saw her and stood up excitedly in the basket and began pointing and exclaiming (LOUDLY), "Mommy! Look! It's a pirate, a pirate! ARGH! Mommy, she's 'One Eyed Woolly!" I quickly began to shush him, praying she couldn't hear him. I explained that she was not a pirate and had a boo boo on her eye and so she wore a patch. This did not satisfy my strong-willed son one bit who pretty much ignored me and kept saying she was a pirate. I finally got him to quiet down and explained that sometimes people look differently, or have boo boos we can see and we don't want to hurt their feelings by talking about them. "Why?" he asked. Ah Ha! A teachable moment! I explained that God makes us all very different, and no matter if we are born with boo boos or look differently, we are still perfect and she is still perfect and beautiful because God made her. Ethan thought for a minute, then said, "That's Amazing!"

I'm not sure if that sweet lady heard Ethan (she probably did) if she did, she was gracious enough to not say anything. I wish I could say this put an end to the pirate talk...but continued on through Hy-Vee and all the way home and ended with him turning various household items into swords up until naptime.


Heather said...

that's such a great boy story. :)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh, dear. I do not look forward to these moments. I guess we should feel better knowing that it happens to every parent at some point?