Monday, November 16, 2009

Family Pictures...

Those words strike fear in my heart. I dread family pictures. Growing up it meant standing in line at K-mart in a funky outfit with my three siblings. When the middle school years hit it meant me with a frizzy perm, glasses and braces smiling awkwardly into the camera lens. Don't even get me started on high school...there's a reason I never break out my old yearbooks. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Now, it means wrangling my crying munchkins, bribbing the little Mr. with fruit snacks and wiping the little Miss's drool strings from her chin just before the camera flashes.

Yes, it's a grueling and painful process my friends. The only reason I partake is because the grandparents would otherwise disown me.

There is a bright sunny spot to my glum sounding post...her name is Nicole Young (cue sun rays beaming through clouds and an angelic choir). A few weeks ago I got my family 'picture perfect' and we hauled ourselves and our gear to meet Nicole at the Papajohn sculpture garden downtown. Then, Nicole took over and worked her magic. The girl is a genius behind the lens, not to mention the most patient photographer ever! My kids were smiling and happy and that made this mama VERY HAPPY! I don't know how she did it, but she captured my sweet family as I see them every day. The pictures are so natural (for once I don't have a cheesy forced smile...or maybe I still do, but my cute kiddos distract from it!) . This gal is so talented.

Thank you Nicole for your patience and for taking such great family photos! You have forever changed my whole outlook on family pictures...I am putty in your hands!


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Your pictures - and your family, of course - are beautiful!!!

haverlee said...

WOW! Gorgeous, Nikki. I feel like I've heard her name before...what's her web site? We just got pictures taken last week. I'm so nervous/excited/afraid to see them!

Nikki said...

her name is nicole young...she's a friend from church. She's working on a website(she's just starting out) here's her blog: http://www.nicoleyoungdesigns. she does digital scrapbooking.

she's also on facebook and has a lot of her clients photos up for people to look at, and I know she wouldn't mind you looking. :) that's how she's getting the word out right now.

okay, that's a lot of info! have, I'll bet your pics are gorgeous! you have such a photogenic fam!

Heather said...

cute pics! :)

i also hated being in pictures growing up. and that's putting it mildly. but now what do i do with my own kids? they're constantly in front of the camera! ha! :)