Friday, March 12, 2010

Butter and Sugar...It's Snack Time.

Let me just start off by saying this time Stella is off the hook. Those are NOT her teeth marks in the above picture...and they're not mine either.
In your household butter and sugar are probably ingredients for a the Jackson household they are Ethan's guilty pleasure.
A couple of nights ago I was making snickerdoodles and had a bowl of cinnamon/sugar sitting on the counter...the next thing I knew in walked Ethan with the bowl, a spoon and a mouthful of the mixture. In between bites he proclaimed, "Mommy, this is so yummy!" I had him hand over the snack and just knew someone would be wide-eyed at bedtime. After about an hour of singing to himself, he finally crashed from his sugar-high.
This morning I walked into the kitchen to discover his latest snack of choice. Given he's not really the sedentary type, I imagine the 100 calories in that tiny bite were probably burned off by about 8am. The wise words of my sweet friend, Barb Rosberg, are ringing in my ears, "These are the longest days, but the shortest years."

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Heather said...

that's too funny! when i saw your comment on facebook about the sugar snack i came so close to posting a comment about how much i had enjoyed sneaking bits of butter when i was a kid. but alas, since your post was about sugar and not butter, i kept that weakness to myself. ha ha! now he has discovered the joys of butter too! :) ok, but really, who doesn't stick a finger or spoon into the creamy butter and sugar at the beginning of a cookie-making experience? butter and sugar... it's a wonderful marriage! ;)