Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Endless Love...Or, Will You Wait For Me To Grow Up?

All of his four short years, Ethan has made it clear to us all what the hierarchy is for his affections. It goes something like this:
His two Papas
His two Nanas
Aunt Sarah...
and the rest of us.

Yes, even the mommy who labored with him 10 hours is lumped in the 'rest of us' category. Well, this weekend the woman currently ranked at #3 came with Uncle K.K. to stay before continuing on to Minneapolis. Ethan was beside himself with excitement. As a matter of fact, we purposefully did not tell him until two hours before their arrival...and he asked every 20 minutes if K.K. and Sarah were almost here. He told us how much he loved Sarah and that they were married...oh, brother!

And when they arrived...he took Sarah by the hand and the rest was history. They played cars, he showed her his favorite toys, he even gave her my seat at dinner (which happens to be next to's okay, I'm not bitter.). He hugged her, kissed her, played with her hair and called her to follow him wherever he went...and she sweetly obliged. Yes, she's an amazing aunt. Sarah and Ethan seem to understand each other. They must be cut from a similar mold.
When it was time for K.K. and Sarah to sweet boy put on a brave face and said goodbye. But, when they pulled away in their car...he cried and cried and cried. "Mommy, I'm just so sad." He told me. I gave him hugs, wiped his tears and offered to play cars with him...he perked up and gave me his million watt smile. All was made right in his little world.
We truly enjoyed having Caleb and Sarah visit...Caleb, you have a rival for Sarah's affections...he just doesn't understand how binding marriage is. We're working on it.

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