Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Letter To My Daughter On Her 1st Birthday...

Dear Eva,

Allow me to give you a year in review:

1) You arrived in record Jackson time...2 hours after arriving at the hospital. Way to go girl!

2) You were the easiest baby! You slept. slept. slept. Rarely cried, and put up with everything your big brother dished out. Our conclusion: you were faking sleep so your crazy family would leave you alone.

3) You got a case of Roseola at 4 months. Those were 8 tortuous days of high fever, rash and crying if we picked you up. Three after-hours clinic visits and one ER visit later, and you were on the mend. You were a trooper.

4) Did you know you came to work with mommy every Tuesday and Wednesday? We had a lot of fun and you made lots of new friends.

5) Your brother warmed up to you and now you two are inseparable. You are his best audience during his stand-up routines. Your laugh is infectious...and he's the one who brings it out of you.

6) Just so you know (which, I think you are well aware) you have had daddy wrapped around your finger since day one. Enough said.

7) You got your first tooth at 10 months

8) You started trying to stand and cruise at 10 on your first birthday, you are walking. The record: 10 steps

9) You. eat. everything! You love all food. You love toilet paper too...but, I won't tell.

10) You are beautiful. I never prayed for beauty. I prayed for you to be kind, loving, joyous, gracious, a servant. Beauty was what God added on His own.

You are a gift, a jewel, a precious girl. I pray you will be good and kind to others and bring joy to others. Serve HIM with all your heart and love HIM above all else. Know you can talk to me. I will listen. I will pray. There is nothing you could tell me that would change my love for you. I pray for you and your brother every day. I'm even praying for your future husband. Save yourself for him. Many boys will come along, but don't be clouded by their words...there is only one who is truly yours. Wait for him. Smile. Be Polite. Say hello. Be gracious. Be the light God created you to be. I love you and I'm so proud to be your mommy.




Jayne Stark said...

So sweet! Were you crying when you wrote this because I was crying when I read it!

Emily said...

This is so beautiful. Thanks for the encouragement in mommyhood. I love that you said she was beautiful and that was not something you prayed for, that God added that on His own. He is so very good to us.

Nikki said...

Jayne and Emily, thank you for your comments! Mommyhood is the very best! Crazy at times, but the best! Blessings to you!