Friday, April 16, 2010

We Didn't Suffer At Succotash...

This is a little belated, but I've been kind of busy with bridal showers, a 1st birthday, a baby shower, and getting ready for Eva's tube surgery and Ethan's tonsil removal. April is crazy.

Last weekend we travelled to KC for family, two bridal showers and Eva's 1st birthday sandwiched between. With all the craziness Brent and I decided we needed to sneak away for a little date. The little miss was the cutest third wheel ever, so the date was perfect. Ethan had his papa and nana all to himself, so he was a happy camper. Happiness achieved by all.

Being Kansas Citians, we always head south of the river for our date spots. South of the river boasts the Plaza, Nelson-Atkins art museum, Power and Light District, amazing restaurants, chic neighborhoods and LOTS of walk-ability. Just what we love.

We headed to a new spot (new for us) called Succotash. The name and it's description as a 'brunchenette' was what won us over! But, the food...oh. my. the food. And the atmosphere! Think 80's-kitschy-chic and your grandma's recipes...only better. Throw in a little Duran Duran and the ambiance was great for a mid-day meal. The soda fountain bar served as a display for their generous dessert portions. The staff was friendly and artsy-cool. By the time we left I felt I had known them forever (in a good way).

Our waitress suggested we start with an order of 'Lemony-Lima Bean Hummus'. I love hummus, but not such a Lima bean fan...we went for it anyway. Friends, this is how hummus should be made! It had a touch of lemon and dill which really set it apart. Delicious. Even the little miss went crazy for it! Kid approved.

Brent ordered their generous omelet (tons of bacon and cheese-but not greasy diner style). I ordered the grilled artichoke and Gouda sandwich...delish. Sort of a grown-up grilled cheese.
The little miss loved both. We took our time, visited with the staff and stuffed ourselves with the amazing food. Dessert was out of the question since we cleaned our plates. Our neighbors at the table next to us got a huge slice of a rainbow colored cake that seemed to have a thousand layers...they gave it a great review.

I would rank this restaurant among the best in Kansas City! You should definitely head there soon!

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haverlee said...

Oh my glory. This post did not bode well for my already rumbling stomach!!! 9:40 at night and I'm starving. I was already craving eggs but just can't bear to dirty up my pans!!
(PS. Thank your lucky stars (well...your sweet Jesus, I should say) that you married a man who would walk into a restaurant called Succotash with you!! You have it good, girl. Any place that doesn't have burgers or quesadillas on the menu is a stretch for my man! But hey, that's why I have girlfriends, right??)