Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Can Keep Your Weapons of Mass Destruction, Cause' I've Got My Own...

It's the E.T.H.A.N model from 2006. It's only four years old and is quite effective at getting the job done. Once it's engaged it destroys my living room as well as anything that comes in it's path. It can lay waste to pretty much any home...much to my dismay.

When I had only had it for about 18 months, I took the E.T.H.A.N model with me to visit a friend who had just had a baby. I had to follow the model everywhere moving things from its path, hiding valuables and apologizing for the weapon's disregard for its surroundings. It was only doing what it knew best. The E.T.H.A.N must touch everything.

Another time I took the E.T.H.A.N to visit a friend (who at the time didn't have children). Once again the E.T.H.A.N felt it necessary to touch everything, scatter dog toys and attempt to reach items out of arms reach. I knew something went awry with the programming when the E.T.H.A.N dropped a glass coaster. As glass often does, it broke. I was mortified and apologized for the E.T.H.A.N and promptly replaced the coaster. Thankfully, the friend remembers the incident fondly and has since acquired her own W.O.M.D.

Today, I took the E.T.H.A.N, along with the newest model we acquired, the E.V.A, to another friend's house (see a pattern?). My models played well with her models and everything seemed to be going well.

Until, the E.T.H.A.N hid behind a dollhouse. Now, hiding is not good. No, not at all. Hiding means something destructive is going to happen. Hiding means programming has gone out of whack. Shifty eyes also means programming has gone out of whack.

We discovered the E.T.H.A.N had found some little miniature dollhouse presents and was unwrapping them all one by one, only to be disappointed and find they were pretend and only had Styrofoam blocks beneath the wrapping. About four presents later and we finally notice the shifty eyes peering at us. When asked what was going on the E.T.H.A.N denied responsibility for the destruction. We did a bit of investigation, pieced together the crime scene and put the E.T.H.A.N out of commission for a few minutes. Sorry, Miss H. I'm working out the kinks still.

While there's a lot of destruction, discipline, and humbling moments, I still refuse to upgrade. I love the E.T.H.A.N--the quirks, the funny happenings, the stories, the songs, the cuddles, the back tickles, the kisses. The E.T.H.A.N is a teaching model. Teaching the E.V.A about God, how to love, and also lay waste to the surrounding environment. The E.V.A is a quick study.


Heather said...

haha... no worries! i've got my own WOMD's and am quite used to it! :) a few unwrapped doll presents is a small price to pay for some hang out time.

haverlee said...

Ugh...the joy of boys. (Or, kids, in your case!). We spent the night on our way out and back home from PA with Jon's Aunt and Uncle in Ohio. She's one of those ladies that decorates with tchotchkes galore. You know, all those tiny little antique things, covering every surface? Like miniature watering cans and and bunnies dressed as gardeners and junk like that. Oh WOMD went into complete overdrive after riding in a car for 9 hours. Let's just say, that was a lethal combination!!

Nikki said...

Have, I'm laughing...out of empathy! The story of visiting the newborn...that was you! I was so stressed out when we came to your house when Bennett was born. He wouldn't leave anything alone! I knew it was time to go when he picked up the "C" and was about to launch it! Did Bennett Burn energy with Parkour? Love it! BTW...had to look up 'tchotchkes'...never heard that word before! I'm going to use it all the time now!