Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All We Need Is Love...And Ramen Noodles...

We returned from our honeymoon, full of love, optimism for the future, and poor with no place to live. Technically that's not completely true. We did have a place to live, but couldn't move in until the beginning of fall semester. Brent had another year of school left, so our plan was for him to attend school full-time while I worked full-time to support us.

So, we planned to return to our summer jobs, swallow our pride and live with Brent's parents until August. Not really ideal as newly weds, but, we would bite the bullet. Fortunately, a missionary couple from our church took pity on us and offered us an opportunity to live in their house for the summer while they were away in Morocco. Win, win situation for all! We graciously accepted their offer and made the arrangements to move into their gorgeous four bedroom home.

By day I continued my job at the bank, and by night I became the happy homemaker. Brent worked hard at his internship and choked down my atrocious meals with a smile. If the meal I set before him was unrecognizable (which was most often the case) he would sweetly inquire as to what we were having then chase mouthfuls of the cuisine with his beverage. I was a terrible cook, but he still praised my efforts.

The summer flew by and before we knew it, we were loading up trucks full of our newly acquired wedding gifts, mismatched furniture and random items we couldn't bear to part with. We said good-bye to our families and left Kansas City to start the beginning of our new life in Manhattan, Kansas. We had no idea what God had in store for us in that little basement apartment in the home of the "T" family...

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