Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Excuses, Excuses...

I'm suffering from a bit of deadline-induced writer's block. I rarely find myself short of words (keep your comments to yourself), but now I have. It really stinks. So, to hopefully draw myself out of my thought-hole (thanks Caleb K.) I will leave you with a few 'Ethan Excuses'. These have been really good as of late. He's raised some very valid points, and I've had to get creative in my rebuttals.

1) I can't eat my green beans. The seeds in the middle will grow in my tummy.

2) Ice cream has milk, and milk makes me strong. And we can have milk stuff for breakfast.

3) If I put my toys away now, then it's too hard to play with them later.

4) On why sharing with sister doesn't matter: Mommy, she really wants me to have it...she's not sad, she's crying cause she's happy.

5) Mommy, if you eat your dinner, I'll let you have a fruit snack. And I'll have one too.

6) On why bathtime should be postponed: I'm not dirty enough yet.

7) T.V. is good for me. I learn lots of things like counting and letters and playing with swords.

8) Mommy, you only read two stories...I don't get sleepy until five stories.

9) On Delaying bedtime: If I lay down I'll fall asleep. I don't want to sleep yet.

10) Vegetables are yucky. I hate vegetables. But, if I can have a cookie I'll eat two (I said five) no, mommy, four (we struck a deal).

Now, reading these I'm realizing these quotes were far funnier in person paired with Ethan's exuberance. Oh well. He serves as inspiration and my creative juices are now flowing so, I'm going to take off and do some writing.

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Kelly said...

I love that I found your blog. These Ethan comments made me laugh. He actually used the ice cream and milk on me once when I wouldn't give him some ice cream. He is such a cute kid!