Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gathering Spaces...

Everyone has a special place they like to gather with their loved ones. You know, a sentimental spot where you can enjoy one another's company, discuss the day and relax. For some it's the kitchen. For others, sharing a meal around the dining room table. Some enjoy the comforts of a living room, den or family room.

For us, it's the bathroom. I know, it's a bit unconventional. It's borderline quirky. Alright, I'll admit, it's absurd.

It's crazy that a family of five will cram themselves into the ONLY household bathroom just to be together. One goes in to brush their teeth and suddenly everyone feels the need to be together. The dog is sprawled out on the floor, the kids are dragging all their toys in and playing, meanwhile the hubby and I are trying to shower, dry our hair, apply make-up (this only applies to me) and get ready for the day.

I realized this absurdity this morning while trying to get ready. Why it just hit me, I'm not sure. Somewhere between stepping over the dog, bumping elbows with Mr. B while brushing teeth, and the little miss wrapped around my leg I began to think this wasn't normal. So, I took action and did what any exasperated wife and mother would do, I took a picture...

Not one, but two dogs got in on the family togetherness...after only two days
of dog-sitting, miss Ellie decided she likes how we do things.

Forget about bathroom privacy in the Jackson household. A closed, locked door invites all to bang upon it shouting questions of, "When's lunch?", "Can I play Candyland?", "Are you almost done?" and, "WAHHHHHHHHHHHH" (followed with insistent pounding). The lack of peace and quiet during personal moments would probably cause even the Dali Lama to shake his head.

My sweet hubby and I are all about the craze of living on a small footprint, making use of small spaces and living efficiently. We love to see a well-organized and functional space that's less than 1500 sq feet. But, somehow I think it's going to be difficult to convince the masses that the bath-den, living-bath, or even the *cringe* dining-bath is the way of the future.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Haha! When I'm brushing my teeth and putting on makeup, I tell Annalyn she has two choices: she can sit on the toilet or stand in the doorway. She CANNOT stand at the sink or wrapped around my leg.

It works. Sometimes. :)

Nikki said...

What is it with the bathroom?! All we ask is 5 minutes!