Friday, November 5, 2010

A Four-Year-Old, Astronomy And Facial Hair...

I love times in the car with the little Mr.  He talks and talks and talks (well, mostly he asks questions).  I love the way his mind is working and wondering about the world around him.  Most of the time he stumps me.  I think my intelligence jumped a few percentage points after having him, as I am always having to theorize about why this or that happened.  Sometimes I say, "Let me get back to you on that one." I'm so thankful for google, it helps me save face.

A couple of nights ago we were in the car and the little Mr. stopped singing along to the radio and piped
up from the backseat, "Why is it dark now?"  I've answered this question before, so this I knew the answer to.  I told him how when the day is done, the sun goes down so we can go to sleep (I chose to spare him from the whole, 'earth rotating around the sun while spinning on it's axis' talk...very lazy of me.).  Then his little mind jumped from astronomy to facial transition.

"Does Mr. 'J' at church have a mustache?'  I confirmed his question.  "Why does he have a mustache?  Does it tickle his nose?"  Great question, I've always wondered that...I couldn't help but think of Tom Selleck and his HUGE THAT would tickle your nose.  I told the little Mr. that as long as a mustache isn't too bushy then it probably does not tickle your nose.  He piped up, "Mr. Noodle has a mustache...and it's bushy...I think it tickles his nose.  Will I have a mustache when I'm a grown-up dad?"  I told him he could grow one if he wanted.  Then he asked about daddy's beard...

"Does daddy have a beard?"  Yes.  "Does daddy brush his beard like his hair?"  Choking back laughs I assured him that daddy does not brush his beard.  This kid has a way of putting hilarious images in my head.  "Does uncle K.K. have a beard like daddy?"  Yes.  (K.K. is little Mr.'s rock-star uncle...seriously way cool).  Little Mr. shouts from the backseat, "K.K's beard is SO DONIMATED!"  I believe he means doMinated, but, seriously, how does a four-year-old know the word dominated, and how does he know how to use it in the correct context to refer to something a person views as pretty amazing?! 

At this point I was dying laughing and the rest of the car ride and bedtime was him using his new found word in any way possible, "That light is so donimated, my cereal is so donimated, my p.j.s are so donimated, bedtime is so donimated (that's a new one)." 

To give you a visual, I've added side-by-side photos of Uncle K.K. and Daddy.  For the sake of family dynamics, I will not take sides, but will let you decide who's beard is truly donimated:

K.K.                                    Daddy


haverlee said...

Oh man...this one had me laughing out loud the whole time!!

Nikki said...

Oh, Have...I think your little Mr. and mine have a future in entertainment ;)