Monday, November 8, 2010

Mmmmmm...You Smell Nice...

Twice a month I volunteer to teach in the little Mr.'s Sunday school class...a class of approximately 15-20 four-year-olds.  A class of chasing-around-the-table, make believe playing, hiding in the bathroom, crawling under the tables, four-year-olds who are only quiet at snack time.  In all honesty, I love it and look forward to my rotation every month...mostly because I'm crazy and my brain is a bit wired like theirs, in that I do something for about five seconds and move on. 

My favorite part is Bible story time. 

The children listen to the first 10-20 seconds of the story and then pipe up, mid-story, with their interpretations (not relating to the story whatsoever), what they ate for breakfast, snippets from the things their mom's and dad's say (oh, yes my grown-up friends...I now know some of your little habits), and confess the naughty things they did before coming to church (like that tantrum in the car).  If I were a stand-up comic, my schtick would be based solely on the life of a four-year-old.  I know, Bill Cosby already went there, but it's just too good.

After story time and craft, they get more free-play where they get wired-up before moms and dads come.  You're welcome.

Yesterday, my little Mr. found a kindred spirit in a sweet little girl, who like him, hates to wear socks and shoes.  The two of them were hiding under a little table, plotting, scheming and whispering back and forth before both of them promptly removed their socks and shoes.  They continued laughing and playing when all of a sudden the little Mr. says excitedly, "Hey, you wanna smell my socks?!"  She frowned a bit and shook her head no...then he proceeded to smell them himself.  I love my son and think he's so adorable...but, even I was a bit grossed out.  I don't believe I have to worry about girls for a while with a proposition like that.  In fact, I can think of a few more statements to add to his repertoire like, "I've got some worms in my pocket," or how about, "I just picked my nose," or the ever popular, "I just ate some dirt."  Statements like these are common social graces amongst preschoolers, so he's right on track.


Jamee said...

That sounds like something Matt would say!! :)

Nikki said...

Ummm...I'm pretty sure he did!!! Ha Ha! But it was more like, holding me down, shoving the sock in my face and saying, "Smell my socks!" Ahhhh...the sweet memories of sibling affection.