Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holla If You Wanna Keep Yo Dolla...

Or simply raise your hand...that's okay too.

I love a good deal. I love bargain racks, dollar bins and discount duds. I love sales as much as Homer Simpson loves donuts....mmmmm, saaaaaaales. I'm so spoiled by good deals, that I refuse to pay full price for anything. I love good deals so much that if I can't score a pair of name brand jeans for ten bucks then back on the rack they's ridiculous, I know, but, sadly very true. I have high expectations for low-cost goodies. I don't believe that I am the one to blame for the market crash...but, I may have contributed due to under spending.

So, in honor of leaner times and good sales, I'm thinking of starting a weekly post to highlight my finds at high-end retail stores like Goodwill, the D.A.V. and the ever popular Salvation Army. I have titles swirling in my head like the wordy but catchy, "Frugal-Fashion-Friday". Or, "Thrifty-Threads-Thursday," has a nice ring to it too.

Now, I don't consider myself to be particularly scrupulous when it comes to fashion. I have been known to break a rule once or twice (hello, white after Labor Day). But, if I could show you a piece or two that's made me happy, spruced up my wardrobe and saved beaucoup bucks, then friends, I've done my job. When it comes to fashion, I have taken a cue from my kids and found that in some regards fashion is:
A) subjective, and B) If it feels right, go with it (even if it's rubber caterpillar boots paired with a down vest--the little Mr...not me). So, meet me back here either Thursday or Friday (sorry, I have commitment issues) and we'll talk shop on money saving fashions.
Here's a little sneak peak from Monday's Goodwill excursion:

                                       Place:  Goodwill
                             Cardigan:  Abercrombie $3.48
                                     Jeans:  Seven  $5.00
                                  Boots:  Nine West $6.00


haverlee said...

You're inspiring. I don't have the patience for stores like that!
Here's my unsolicited advice: I would button the cardigan all the way and it would be really cute with a long sleeve tee underneath. A dark heather gray would be pretty with the purple, but white definitely works too. That sweater is gorgeous.

Nikki said...

Thank you for the advice! I toyed with the buttons forever and felt something in general was a bit off! Definitely agree that a long sleeved (charcoal) would fit best! The jeans are a charcoal color, so I was afraid i was getting a bit monochromatic. Maybe dark blue skinnies would have worked better. See, this is just the response I was looking for! Thanks have!

Nikki said... said heather gray, not charcoal! Ha ha! yes, heather gray! LOL!

Heather said...

Oh Nikki! You make me laugh! :D I am a most extreme discount shopper too. Or at least I try to be. I was pretty proud of myself for putting together a bag of purple goodies for my sister for Christmas. She started college at Northwestern University, where everything is purple. So she requested purple stuff for Christmas. I scored a purple long-sleeve shirt at Kohls for free (after a $10 coupon they sent me in e-mail), two purple t-shirts for $2.39 each at JCP clearance sale, a pair of purple Old Navy flip flops for $.19, and some purple body spray from Bath and Body works, which was also free with coupon (if you don't count the $.50 item I had to buy to use the coupon.) :)
I love great deals! Keep posting about what you find and where you find it!

Jennifer Handsaker said...

You, my friend, are FANTABULOUSO!!!

Nikki said...

Jen--LOL! you are too kind! AND Fabulous! saving abilities pale in comparison to yours my friend!