Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrifted Threads Thursday...

I think it's still Thursday...or it's barely Thursday almost Friday. So, this post is almost obsolete. After much deliberation and a very sophisticated process of elimination (eenie, meenie, minie, moe), I settled on Thrifted Threads Thursday for my weekly post on all things cheap. Each week I'll post a few items that have been thrifted, repurposed, or snagged on the cheap. Sound like fun?

Well, so far, I'm already behind and running to catch up. My day started a bit off kilter as I needed to take the little Mr. to the doctor to check out a nasty cough. This is what he lie...

I love how the blue in his superman pj's compliments the blue in his dragon wings. I believe I will be promoting him to On Location Fashion Correspondent.

Anyway, after a quick run to the doctor, and a little celebratory trip to the Dollar spot for a good behavior treat, I realized I hadn't even got my post up! So, when I got home, I quickly grabbed my camera and here's Take 1:

Oops...I forgot to peel off all of the stickers the little Mr. stuck to my shirt at the doctor's office. So, I reset the shot and then...

Take 2:

The little Miss was a bit curious as to why I had the camera balanced on several boxes...not sure why my face looks peeved...cause I'm not.

And Take 3:

This time she did it on purpose. Oh well, better luck next time. She's so cute.

Cargo Pants: Goodwill $3.00--pardon the wrinkles

Scarf: B's cast-off that I adopted FREE

Gold flats: Target $4.00

Tee: Walmart

Cardigan: Target


haverlee said...

wrinkled cargos?? did you read this post a while back?

very cute outfit, by the way!

Nikki said...

I knew someone told me about the spray bottle, but couldn't remember was you! I tried it once, but didn't plan ahead and my pants were too there a trick I'm missing?

emily said... the pictures...and i'm amazed at your rockin' finds!