Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That...

Today was a busy day for us Jacksons...

(The Dog)
First, Stella had to go to the vet for a little outpatient surgery.  She's home now and recovering well, but let me tell ya...a 120 lb. mastiff hopped up on drugs is hard to move.  It took three of us to carry her to the car.  Stella wasn't much help.  She snored the entire time...and drooled on my shirt...

(Trying to come down from her high)

(The Little Miss)
 We finally reached the 'straw that broke the camel's back' and
decided we were tired of living like this:

So, B spent the day child-proofing some cabinets and other points of temptation.

It only took the little Miss about 30 minutes of yanking really hard to get into the cabinet containing the cereal.  We may have to get creative...

(The Little Mr.)
The little Mr. begged to stay home and play in the snow...like the cool mom that I am, I smiled and said, "Of course!  When you get home from school."  It's Iowa after all...we send our children to school come hell or high water, and apparently even after eight inches of snow.

Now, before you start to feel too sorry for him, it's only half-day preschool...and, he got to watch,
 "The Cat In The Hat". 
All is well...

(Little Mr. and Little Miss)
My sweet ones were listening to some children's songs on youtube, when something went awry:

To place blame where it is due, the other parent was on duty.  B thought the mishap was so funny (and the resulting dance moves) that capturing it on film was in order.  I believe in one sitting the words 'drunk' and 'junk' were uttered in front of minors.  We are stellar parents...

Hope your day was eventful!