Thursday, January 13, 2011


This 'Thrifted-Threads-Thursday' is a bit of a mixed bag...some thrifted and some hand-me-down
(yes, I'm 31-years-old and still adore hand-me-downs).
I was teaching in the little Mr.'s Sunday School class, so a t-shirt and jeans were definitely in order...and something comfy.  A hip skirt is no match for these cutie pie four-year-olds.

 (See?  I told you the scarf is always in play...)

I really love these boots.  The leather is soft and worn in all the right places. 

Military Jacket:  hand-me-down
necklace:  thrifted
Ankle boots:  thrifted
Gold bracelets:  hand-me-down

What are your best thrifty finds?  Do share!


Heather said...

I'm being blessed with thriftiness in the baby boy department. In the last week an a half I've had a few friends give be bags (or tubs!) of clothes. As it stands right now, there are very few wardrobe gaps that it looks like we'll have to spend money on until he reaches the 12 mo size! :)

Oh, and just another thrifty note, Target has toys on 75% off clearance right now, and I was able to get everything I need for the girls' birthdays coming up in a few months!

Aaaand... it's rumored that Old Navy is supposed to start their big sale tomorrow--additional 50% off already clearanced price clothes. This is when I stock up for things for Emma for next fall/winter. :)

Nikki said...

Heather! You are always the queen of thriftiness (thriftedness?). How awesome to get a boat load of boy things!!! Thanks for giving a heads up on the sales at Old Navy AND Target!!!