Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's been....um...five days since my last confession post.  I have a good excuse.  I've been recuperating from a super-fun-caffeinated-sleep-deprived weekend. 

You see, I left for Kansas City on Friday afternoon with my good friend Julie and a 15 passenger van full of high school girls.  We stacked the back seat to the ceiling with sleeping bags and backpacks and converged on Kemper Arena for the Revolve Tour.  It was two days of ear blasting concerts, amazing praise and worship, impactful speakers, skits and faith challenges...

             Image Courtesy: http://www.revolvetour.com

Before the Revolve Tour, I had never heard of Hawk Nelson.  I know, I'm lame. Judging from the screams and near fainting episodes from the girls in the audience, they're pretty popular. 

                         Image Courtesy: http://www.revolvetour.com

We may or may not have slept, ate a lot of junk food, listened to one girl talk incessantly in her sleep, talked about boys (okay, the girls wanted to know how Julie and I met our husbands), one girl may or may not have asked the lead singer of Hawk Nelson to prom (he accepted), and we might have gotten lost in the Power and Light district after I made a wrong turn.  So, basically the weekend was amazing!

Here are a few things I've learned from being a chaperone:

1.  Driving a 15 passenger van is empowering.  Seriously, cars move out of your way when you turn on the blinker.

2.  Food.  There's lots of it and it never seems to end.  This is both good and bad.  Good if you have the metabolism of a 16-year-old...bad if you're me.

3.  Laughing at 2 am is contagious and spreads like wild fire. 

4.  Listening to an arena of 6000 girls sing Hosanna at the top of their lungs will bring you chills...and tears. ('Break my heart for what breaks yours' is perhaps the most powerful line from any praise song...in my humble opinion).

5.  You're not gonna sleep...'lights out' means it's dark...not that sleep is soon to follow.

6.  Pit stops mean go to the bathroom and buy lots of candy.

7.  Sleeping on the floor is way different than it used to be.

8.  Bring ear plugs.

9.  Drink lots and lots of caffeine.  Just trust me on this one.  Make sure it's not consumed on an empty stomach...the point is to get energized...not jittery.

10.  I would do this again in a heartbeat.

All kidding aside, I love my youth group girls.  They never complained one time, they were kind to each other and the girls sitting around them at the event.  They were intent on learning and growing during the speakers, and I am just so incredibly proud of each of them.  These girls are all beautiful both inside and out!  I know that God is going to use each of them in an amazing way.

On a side note...B rocked the home front!  He was on P.T. duty and still planned fun things with our wee ones!  Nothing can throw this guy for a loop!  *Sigh* I love him! 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Tamara said...

a van full of teenage girls is tiring.
i just clicked over to your page.
love your thift finds...
i'm a new follower


Nikki said...

Thanks for following Tamara! It's so nice to meet you!